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    Wisdom, Design and Technology
    to give glory to your habitat
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    Innovation at the service of the marbles
    to give magic to your circles
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    that allows us to create works of all kinds

Welcome to Meduso Marmi, company owner since 1950

The passion for our work, the beauty of our works and the accuracy details

Company Story, Staff and Events

Since 1950, our company, always attentive to the ongoing sectoral progress, updates their production facilities moving towards new dimensions.


Products Roses, Floors e Marbles

A balanced blend of technology and manual skills raises the intrinsic value of our products.


Show Room Ours show room

Materials from all over the world offer different solutions for each type of furniture


Rewards What makes us special

The dedication to work, continued economic progress, intelligence and ability to transform their imagination into reality.


Great passion and professionalism for our work, years of experience, seriousness, commitment and quality to meet the demand of an increasingly demanding market and complex.


About us

  • Sympathy approach with the client and the professional skill and competence in the development of design, skill and precision in the execution of the work.

    # Anna Mestro Ursini - Architect -

  • And 'now well known, that for a good idea or a good design, they can take form, it is necessary that aligns the "perfect triad", given by an intelligent customer, a good architect, but especially by skilled craftsmen. Well, when I have the pleasure of working with the company Meduso Marbles, are sure to avail of the contribution knowledge and experience.

    # Vito Pedone - Architect -

Okite Authorized Laboratory

- The combination of quartz, resin and natural pigments creates a multifunctional product

StoneGlass Laboratory

- Versatile processing, reflective, durable, transparent, elegant, combining                              the merits
                             the glass to the solidity of the stone.

Famar Authorized reseller

- To save 70% on consumption: fireplaces, stoves pallet, wood                              pallets, barbecue pits


Via Noicattaro KM 1, Rutigliano (BA) - Italy


+39 080 4761091


+39 080 4771004